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Can I have a cuddle........PLEASE?

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Hey. I bet none of you lot aare reading this apart from Finn and I. I like to think that Finn is. ( Finn is the co-mod.)

We finally finished the poster for the school magazine that the year tens are supposed to be running, and we handed it into to Ms essary. I hope she did actually like it. I'm quite pleased with it. The girl on the front is the best Ooosp yeah I meant Izzy asked Mr Penny to pose for the magazine and he agreed. We might get some more male teachers to pose  ike Mr Stubbings and Mr McDonald. wait it was Izzy, she wanted the teachers to go top-less with oil rubbed on their chest. I don't think they will agree to that.

Things which are comming up:

  • Dance night auditions are coming up on the 6th of december,
  • Christmas decroations for the forms.

Thats all.


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