mattoidialsnail (mattoidialsnail) wrote in camdengirls,

*wipes small tear from eye*....I put this school as my first choice....and I was rejected...*holds back tears*...

Yeah, well I don't actually go to this school(Well I was gonna move in Year 8 but I was settled)...hmm yes, I'm actually that bored that I'm posting here...hmmm.

Well peace out.
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aww, what school do you go to now?
EGA(no acronym based jokes please :p) but I'm on study leave now. ^_^
ohh ok. I think I've heard of it...but I don't know much about it.
CSG was the only school I got into. I was too good for the private schools and they obviously didn't want to make the other kids feel bad. Hey you joined the Have I got news for you community! Tis my favourite show, and I know that I should have commented on the other post on the community but that Dr. Who poster was very good!

Tess x
*chuckling*...Ha yeah, I love it too, probably because I was forced to watch from a young age with my parents and piblings(not a real word...yet) and grand parents pointed at me uncle saying "But doesn't he look like Angus?" He he, thanks...^_^